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The establishment of:

Dohuk modern company for the production of construction materials was founded in 2005 and includes a factory for ready-to-build prefabricated concrete blocks located in the area where Gouache designed many of the ready-made engineering projects in the city and its suburbs, and the plant is located on an area of ​​15,000 square meters.


It also includes Block all species and a production capacity of high plant is estimated at 90,000 bricks per day and different dimensions measurements and sizes to suit all types of needs of construction projects and longer Bricks Dohuk plant of the largest and the first laboratories in the private sector for the manufacture of technical bricks in Iraq, where it is located on the land area (175000) m 2




The company's goals:

The company is trying to manufacture construction materials of brick and concrete with high quality ready-to ensure the safety and success of the project and to be a leader in the areas in which we operate with respect to the quality of our products and services, always aimed at complete customer satisfaction company. And improve their capacity to serve the caution of global quality.


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