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Concrete Batching


Bricks plant

Ready concrete plant can build halls and wide and as large as wedding halls, warehouses, laboratories and installation and installation of the halls by the company rooms, according to the measures described below.

Alguenatrhi a crossings to divert water used during the construction of roads and streets as well as for sanitation projects and there are four measurements as shown below.

The bricks plant is a modern Dohuk company projects and is one of the largest and the first laboratories in the private sector for the manufacture of technical bricks in Iraq.

Customers that have been equipped by us textured bricks (mega projects)

  • company de Chet Hecht b / Arbil
  • Company cent fur Siti / Duhok - overhearing
  • Caspian Ihsanoglu / Duhok company - Dumez
  • B.C / Arbil company
  • ART / Zakho, Dohuk company -ospy
  • å Rey Land / Duhok company
  • Iike company Bonn / Duhok
  • Wawa City / Dohuk-Zakho company
  • Haoppe / u Arbil company
  • Hiro company Shirzad Messenger / Duhok -zakhu
  • Dabin Krupp / Duhok + Zakho
  • Michelle Contracting Company / Duhok
  • Company Florea City / Arbil
  • Holi Ashti / Arbil company
  • Bakira / Duhok company
  • Vince / Arbil + Dohuk company
  • Betac / Dohuk Kurdistan -pennek company
  • City Stars / Duhok company -domiz


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